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Before the rise of Poseidon’s trident came the thundering reckoning of the sea. Inspired by its mystical depths, our spa experiences are where relaxation and transformation come alive. Transcend time and space with completely personalized wellness treatments, designed to nourish your every need. Thoughtfully curated aromatherapy combinations and uniquely incorporated minerals redefine the traditional spa experience. Join us for an hour or an entire day. Awaken your inner goddess.

Emerging from the dark heart of the sea, the goddess Poseidon sought utopia in the sun.  Amongst the soft white fingertips of the ocean’s surface and the warm breeze against her cheeks, she lived fiercely in nothing but the moment.  That moment lives on at Poseidon Spa.

As a guest at our boutique spas, you’ll encounter water-inspired treatments and personalized spa experiences, crafted to inspire your journey to relaxation. It’s time to revive, restore, and rejuvenate. Your inner goddess is waiting to be set free.